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Ms. V is the Art teacher for grades Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. She teaches many different arts related skills to our K to 2nd grade students. She also connects her art lessons to the literacy and math curriculum.


Ms. V can be found in room 301 working with our students on their artistic creativity during the school day and during our After School Enrichment Program.


She was instrumental in preparing our students for the SAM (Science, Art and Music) Expo held in May. 



Ms. Lok is the Music teacher for grades 2nd to 5th. She also is the coordinator of the PS 310 School Band. She has been instrumental in bringing in many music programs for our students - like the Link Up! Recorder program for our 3rd Graders.


Ms. Lok can usually be found in the hallways traveling to our classrooms teaching our students different aspects of our musical world. One period you might find her in a 2nd grade classroom teaching the students on reading musical notes and then the next period she might be in a 3rd grade classroom working with the students on the recorder.


Ms. Lok has been an intergral part of our school community for the past 3 years and continues to amaze our school community on exposing our students to their musical talents. 


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